Tips to Make Short Work of Housework


Every day, Marriott’s worldwide team of nearly 20000 housekeepers face the daunting task of making 426000 rooms sparkle! But it is a breeze for these take-charge cleaners, who can make any room gleam in less than 19 minutes. They share 10 tips to make cleaning any home quick and easy…

1 Stretch!
Stretching can prevent pulled muscles and fatigue. Cleaning is a great source of exercise. For example, a 63 kilogram person can burn 5 calories for every minute they clean.

2 Direct Route!
Save time by carrying cleaning items in a bucket and tidying the room in a clockwise direction. Make the bed completely on one side then walk around the bed to complete the other side.

3 Double Up!
Keep cleaning supplies on each floor so you do not waste time walking up and down steps.

4 Spot Treat!
For set stains, spray carpet or upholstery cleaner on the stain. Work the cleaner toward the center of the stain with a putty or butter knife. Place a white terry cloth rag over the stain. Position a steam iron set at medium heat
on the cloth, checking the cloth and surface frequently. Repeat if necessary after 45 seconds. Then, rinse the treated area with water and blot dry.

5 Colour Coordinate!
Use the same colour cloth to do a task each time (for example blue for furniture, pink for bathroom cleaner) to avoid mixing cleaning agents.

6 Bust Dust!
Feather dusters do not do much more than move dirt around. Opt for a duster made of lambswool, which will collect and hold the dust. And remember to clean from top to bottom.

7 Spray/Spread/Stay! Scrub/Rinse/Dry!
For hard to clean surfaces like shower tiles, spray cleaner, spread it and let it work while you do another task. Later, scrub the surface, rinse well and dry. Skipping the rinse and dry steps leaves behind chemicals that can build up over time, and the moisture can cause mould growth in as little as 24 hours.

8 Sniff!
Spray air freshener in the corners of the room rather than in the center of the room. This allows the scent to penetrate the air more fully. Change the scent every three months to ‘keep a nose for it,’ or you might overwhelm the room with too heavy a dousing!

9 Maintain!
Do one quick job each day to keep organised and minimise time on cleaning day. Organise utensils while waiting for dinner to cook, or straighten a bookshelf while chatting on the phone.

10 Share the Load!
Take turns cleaning and maintaining with your family or housemates. If one scrubs the kitchen on Saturday, the other can empty the dishwasher all week.