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Professional Executive Housekeepers Network

We are a non for profit association whose members consist mainly of staff from the Housekeeping Department of the hospitality industry and the companies that supply it.

Who we are

P.E.H.N. is a non profit Incorporated Association

P.E.H.N. is a non profit Incorporated Association and members comprise Executive Housekeepers, Assistant Housekeepers, Senior Supervisors, Housekeeping Attendants and Associate Members who are suppliers to the hospitality industry and have a particular affinity with Housekeeping. Our members come from far and wide.


Who can join?

Anyone who has been employed or who is currently employed in the hospitality, healthcare or tourism industry as an Executive Housekeeper, Assistant Housekeeper, Supervisor can join.

Associate membership can also be granted to companies or industries involved in supplying products for the Executive Housekeeping area.


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Mattress and Bed Maintenance (A.H. Beard)
Mattress and Bed Maintenance (A.H. Beard)

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How to do a hospital corner (Mitre sheets) on a bed
How to do a hospital corner (Mitre sheets) on a bed

A tight-fitting triangular fold made by tucking a sheet and blanket securely under a mattress on the end and on each side at the corners. A hospital corner is the way one folds a flat sheet in order to make it lay flat and tight against the mattress similar to…

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