The Executive Housekeeper – Vol 22 No 3/2018

Welcome to the final edition of Executive Housekeeper for 2018. The team here wishes everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. We are looking forward to bringing you more informative and timely articles in 2019! We begin this issue with the recent relaunch of PEHN. Formed in 1996,…

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The Executive Housekeeper Magazine v22.2

Welcome to this edition of Executive Housekeeper. We’ve seen plenty of changes in the industry since we first hit the printing press. Amazingly, the first issue of this magazine was released 22 years ago! Sadly, in recent years we have seen a decline in hotel housekeeping associations. Chapters in Western…

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The Executive Housekeeper Magazine v21.3

Welcome to the Executive Housekeeper Magazine. This issue is something of a Christmas gift to our new readers. With the magazine now online and interactive, we have been able to expand our distribution to more businesses across the country. Welcome to everyone here for the first time! If you would…

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