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Who we are

P.E.H.N. is a non profit Incorporated Association

P.E.H.N. is a non profit Incorporated Association and members comprise Executive Housekeepers, Assistant Housekeepers, Senior Supervisors, Housekeeping Attendants and Associate Members who are suppliers to the hospitality industry and have a particular affinity with Housekeeping. Our members come from far and wide.

Then and Now

Our History

The P.E.H.N. (Vic) was the very first Executive Housekeepers’ Network to be formed in Australia and for some years prior to its official formation, some of Melbourne’s hotel Executive Housekeepers used to meet informally over a glass of champagne a few times a year to exchange ideas about issues such as laundries, room attendants’ trollies, chemicals and staff management, by visiting and touring each others’ properties after hours. These meetings formed the basis for networking with others who had similar problems and issues in the workplace. Whilst friendly competition existed, friendships and bonds were forged.

Feeling the need to be represented in the hospitality industry, a few dedicated members met during long winter evenings and planned the launch of The Professional Executive Housekeepers’ Network (Vic) or The P.E.H.N. as we are affectionately known. The founding committee each donated their $50 membership fee to buy food and drink and on the 24th June 1996, P.E.H.N. was launched at the Windsor Hotel, Melbourne. Attendance was bu invitation only and the evening whilst not lavish, was a great success.

Who are we today?

P.E.H.N. is a non-for-profit Incorporated Association (AOO33220B) and members comprise Executive Housekeepers, Assistant Housekeepers, Senior Supervisors and Associate members who are suppliers to the hospitality industry and have a particular affinity with Housekeeping.

Our members come from far and wide including Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and of course, Victoria.

What is an Executive Housekeeper?

An Executive Housekeeper is one of the key management people in the hospitality industry. They are responsible for the cleanliness and service standards within the accomodation sector of the property and can supervise staff ranging from a few to several hundred and can be responsible for operational budgets ranging from a few thousand to a few million dollars per annum.

Today’s Executive Housekeeper has a wide and varied array of responsibilities and to meet the ever changing and challenging demands of the position needs available current resources to educate and support.

On a lighter note, read the following poem written by one of our members…

Poem – What is an Executive Housekeeper?

Some of the duties can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Recruitment, selection and training of the Housekeeping staff.
  • Counselling and disciplining of staff.
  • Sourcing, selection and purchasing of all equipment used in the Housekeeping department.
  • Develop cleaning programmes whether daily or periodical.
  • Prepare and work within the constraints of budgets for payroll, capital and expenses.
  • Maintain a clean and safe workplace and apply current Health and Safety legislation.
  • Decide methods and techniques of cleaning.
  • Selection of chemicals and the application of current legislation in relation to handling and storage.
  • Keep an up to date room inventory and liaise with all other operational departments on a daily basis.
  • Liaise with outside contractors.

Committee, Ethics & Goals

The Committee

The P.E.H.N. has a committee which is made up of the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee Members

This committee is open for re-election at the Annual General Meeting which is held every year after the end of the financial year. Members are able to nominate, second and vote for their own committee an the committee welcomes any suggestions and comments at any time. Committee members give their free time voluntarily to meet and organise functions.

Code of Ethics

Members of the Prefessional Executive Housekeepers Network accept this code of ethics as the basis for professional conduct and dedication to uphold a high level of ethical behaviour:

  • To know the responsibility of the position held and to exemplify loyalty and conscientiousness at all times to the company engaged by.
  • To uphold the principles of honesty and integrity.
  • To share knowledge, encourage ambition and to inspire and train current employees for the future of the profession.
  • To strive to improve management techniques.
  • To comply with rules and regulations of the network.
  • To give loyalty and support to both the network and all its members in all facets of the profession.
  • To promote the network to peers, colleagues and the hospitality industry, thereby assisting in the growth and strength of the network by raising the profile.

The goals of P.E.H.N.

  • To raise the profile recognition of Executive Housekeepers.
  • To support fellow members.
  • To be at the forefront of new ideas and technology.
  • To expand the knowledge of the housekeeping area.
  • To source technical expertise to provide training and further education for members.
  • To increase awareness of environmental issues.
  • To develop a recognised qualification for Executive Housekeeper.
  • To promote the advantages of membership.
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