The Executive Housekeeper – Vol 23 No 1/2019

Welcome to this edition of the Executive Housekeeper.

You may think of superheroes as ones wearing capes and shooting spider webs. Yet have you ever considered how housekeepers make magical results when they are up against enormous pressure? In another brilliant piece by Janet Marletto, we learn how housekeepers balance privacy with highly personalised service, and the sacrifices they make to enhance the product. Her article touches on some of the fascinating horror stories a housekeeper in a high-end hotel can encounter, along with the devotion to the job rarely seen in departments outside housekeeping.

Another of our most read and respected contributors, Liz Lycette, talks about emotional engagement with guests. Many auditors rate their emotional connection with each staff member, judging them on whether they had a positive or negative interaction. This article is an insight into the ways housekeepers can ensure a positive impression every time. Did you know there are many subtle hints to a guest’s wants and needs inside their room? The article is essential for learning what to notice.

In one of our more confronting articles, we look into the enormous amount of modern slavery. Truly shocking in both its magnitude and the fact it still exists today, the piece looks at how the harsh conditions felt by workers across the globe links to Australia. We then learn how to minimise our contribution to the problem. The article first ran in another journal that we publish, its amazing response sees it re-published here for you to read.

There is much more inside this issue from a range of outstanding contributors. Thank you again to everyone who provides articles or ideas to the magazine. We are reaching a bigger audience than ever with our online copy. If you would prefer a hard copy, please email


Neil Muir

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