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Welcome to this edition of Executive Housekeeper.

We’ve seen plenty of changes in the industry since we first hit the printing press. Amazingly, the first issue of this magazine was released 22 years ago! Sadly, in recent years we have seen a decline in hotel housekeeping associations. Chapters in Western Australian, Far North Queensland and, more recently, PHAN in Sydney, have all been abandoned. Time-poor workers and less reliance on others for information (thanks to the internet) are partly to blame.

Now another organisation is in need of numbers to stay viable. PEHN in Melbourne is looking for support to grow in the future. They are inviting housekeepers from all over the country to join via its new website. We have more details on this in the news section.

Also inside is a fascinating story of housekeepers responding to a natural disaster. When a typhoon hit Macau in 2017, it knocked out power and water service to the local JW Marriott Hotel. One of our regular contributors Liz Lycette tells us about how the brave team responded to keep guests safe and clean in such extraordinary circumstances. Well worth a read, as is Cleaning Activity Levels (CAL), put together by Bridget Gardner to assist in cleaning standards.

To see what’s happening in the world of technology and hospitality, Ted Horner and Brendan Granger give their regular insights.

As usual we feature motivation and management to help you in your daily role as an Executive Housekeeper.

We speak with Meena Tamang – Housekeeping Manager of Jazz Corner Hotel in Melbourne. We learn about Meena’s journey from watching her father travel as part of the army, to making a career out of her curiosity of the industry.

Thank you as always to our regular contributors, especially Janet Marletto and Barbara Sargeant.


Neil Muir

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