Mattress and Bed Maintenance (A.H. Beard)


This is a frequently asked question when we are talking to hotels who are either looking to purchase new beds, or starting to see some negative feedback on their current beds.

The short answer is, that like most things, the better quality you buy in the first instance, the longer their serviceable life will be.

There are of course a few provisos to this and the key one is how well they are maintained. Things like cleanliness, regular rotation and checking and maintaining the condition and structural integrity of the base is vital to preserving the life and performance of any mattress.

So, let’s talk about quality. Always ask about the construction of the bed; what is the support system in the mattress? Are the foams Australian made and treated to resist mould, mildew and allergens? Is the base construction a commercial quality, timber platform that will resist bending and will it provide a stable, consistent support for the mattress?

These are all key questions you should have answered as part of your decision process.

The majority of Global hotel chains specify Pocket Spring type support systems as their support system. Pocket springs will provide a supportive, but conforming foundation for the rest of the mattress to do its job. They will allow for much less partner disturbance, so everyone gets a good night’s sleep!

Don’t be fooled by terms like “Product of Australia” or “Assembled in Australia” Make sure your mattresses are MADE in Australia, using only locally made foams. Australian Foam manufacturing is some of the most advanced and highest quality anywhere in the world. The foams made here are of higher quality, provide greater consistency and have health benefits over inferior, much cheaper, imported foams.

A regular, programmed maintenance programme for your beds is vital. Just like all of the key operating equipment in your hotel, they need some TLC to make sure they keep performing at their peak. The key items to consider are these:


More and more we are seeing hotels choose mattress construction that are Single Sided, or “No Need To Turn”.

These still need to be rotated head to foot on a regular basis to distribute wear evenly and maximise the life of the foams and other comfort fills in your mattress. Fail to do it and you will finish up with a mattress with body impressions on the side that gets more use. It’s recommended for this to happen once every quarter, and the process is pretty simple. Just pick the mattress up off the base and rotate it 180 degrees, so that the head end becomes the foot.


At the same time as you are rotating your mattress, check your base for any damage, soiling and most importantly check that all
of the fittings or legs are intact and screwed tightly into the frame. Look for fittings that are loose or bent, and also check that all of the wheels or castors are intact. Loose or damaged fittings, along with unruly guests, are the main reason for damage to bases. This damage is generally NOT a warranty issue as it is caused usually by the fittings being loose and then damaging either the base frame or the threads that the fittings attach to. A few minutes once every 3 months can save you the inconvenience and cost of having to put a room out of service and buy a new base.


Just like anything your guests come into contact with, cleanliness and hygiene of your mattresses is important.
A regular programme of either steam cleaning or Oxygen sanitising is a great way to keep your mattresses clean, smelling fresh and reduce the incidence of airborne allergens.

If you need to spot clean, avoid using harsh chemical treatments as these will often degrade the foams and fabrics of your mattress. Again, steam cleaning is the best method to remove those red wine stains and “biological contamination” marks that occasionally appear.

While we are on this subject, ALWAYS invest in good quality mattress and pillow protectors for your rooms. The cost is insignificant in comparison to having to replace a mattress because it is it irretrievably stained or damaged and they will help to preserve the life of your mattress, so they pay for themselves several times over.

If you would like more advice, or an obligation free assessment of your beds, please feel free to contact us to have one of our specialist commercial sales team visit your property.