How to do a hospital corner (Mitre sheets) on a bed

A tight-fitting triangular fold made by tucking a sheet and blanket securely under a mattress on the end and on each side at the corners.

A hospital corner is the way one folds a flat sheet in order to make it lay flat and tight against the mattress similar to what a fitted sheet would do.

  1. Choose a flat sheet that fits your mattress and allows for several inches of equal overhang on three sides. Line the head of the mattress with the beginning of your flat sheet and allow the remainder of the sheet to hang equally on the two long sides and foot of the bed.
  2. Tuck under the loose sheet at the foot of the bed being careful to smooth out any wrinkles or creases that may occur on the bedding.
  3. Go to one side of the bed and proceed to create the “45’ Degree Angle” fold by lifting up the bottom edge of the sheet onto the bed creating a 45’ angle and tucking in the remainder tightly nto the mattress.
  4. Fold the sheet back down and tuck into the mattress, again being careful to avoid any wrinkles and creases. The end result should look similar to a wrapped gift when you angle the edges to enclose the present.
  5. Continue to the other side of the bed and follow the same directions again. Be sure you keep the sheets very flat, smooth, and wrinkle free.

Download the fact sheet below with handy diagrams to follow.