Help Bail out the PEHN President

By: Donna Musarella

The Pehn President is going to be locked up in the Old Melbourne Gaol to help raise money to help Whitelion support, inspire and empower disconnected young people by providing them with positive relationships and life-changing opportunities that support their progress toward life goals.

"Dodgy Donatella" that’s her prisoner name needs a minimum $1000 to be released and to help raise much needed funds.

If you
would like to sponsor her, please visit and follow this simple process.


1. Search
for her as a registered inmate by typing in her name “Dodgy Donatella
2. Click on “Bail me Out”
3. Complete the donation form and choose your preferred payment method (Credit
card, Cheque or Money order)


remember, donations $2 or more are tax deductible.

Thanks for your support.