Bed Bug Detection & Prevention

Maureen Koegel of Sleep Tight Services and Tony Abrahams of Bed Bug Barrier Presented

By: Marian Stratford

PEHN continues to assist Housekeeper’s in dealing with current issues by finding specialist to talk about it. A prevailing issue that is a concern worldwide is a pest that makes us all itch just talking about it, the bed bugs, which we can almost call travel bugs, as they get into the hotels by travelling with our guests

On Wed 21st Mar 2012 at Spring Street Conference Centre, Maureen Koegel from Sleep Tight Services was invited to present to PEHN members and friends a Bed Bug Detection weapon that impressed all in attendance, her beagle Chloe who is trained to detect bed bugs not to mention keep quiet inside her transport container, which is very ideal for discreet travel within the hotel.


Maureen’s goal is to educate staff and she started her presentation with information about these pests, effective elimination processes,  prevention and the code of practice which can be found in,  The group was delighted when she demonstrated the effectiveness of using the beagle in detecting the presence of the bugs, which were thankfully contained in a cylinder in a bucket, Chloe successfully found and signalled by sitting next to it. Maureen is happy to visit hotels and give a free demonstration. For more information go to Sleep Tight Services website or contact Maureen Koegel 0425780456 


This was then followed by a short information session by Tony Abrahams an inventor from bed bug barrier, who presented us with  some products to prevent bed bugs accessing the bed in a form of valance encasement and caster barrier which he advice to use in conjunction with bed bug killer powder. For more information on this contact Tony on 0419 777 776 or