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What Price a Shocking Night’s Sleep ?
Anthony Blanche
Reproduced with the kind permission of AMG magazine

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The Future of Uniforms
Wendy Powitt, Managing Director, Collections Design Group
Way back in 1982 a book was published that reported the vision for clothing in the 21st century from designers all around the world. Back then Jean-Paul Gaultier’s vision for the future incorporated ‘spray on latex body suits, in the same way that we spray on hair spray.’

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Superannuation - Top-Up Your Future
What does $25 get you? A take-away coffee every week day and a pizza? Or maybe dinner and drinks? However if you put that $25 into your super each week from age 20 you would have over $1.5 million extra to spend at retirement.

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A purchasing guide for small sweepers
Brian Clark, Janitech Australasia
Dust and leaves are the enemy of every hotel Housekeeper, particularly in walkways, foyers and recreation facilities such as pools and tennis courts. Dust is also walked in, blown in and carried in every time a door is opened. It covers the floor, is stirred up by forklifts in the loading dock and daily activities and ends up coating your shelving, your stock, your computers and equipment and affects the health of your workers and everyone that is exposed to it. Every business with a dust control problem has to find a solution that is effective and affordable.

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The future of sleep in the accommodation industry
In our last edition, we looked at ‘the history of sleep in Australia’. Don Green led us on a guided tour through the development of modern bedding from the 1800’s right up to today. Now we go one step further and ask the questions ‘What about the future of sleep in the accommodation industry’? What are the emerging issues? What’s new? What’s coming up in the future? We put those questions to Roslyn Biffin – the National Commercial Manager for Sealy of Australia and asked her to gaze into her crystal ball and share her thoughts on the future of bedding.

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Self Contained Extractors Save Time
Cleaning should be about working smarter, not harder. But when it comes to carpet cleaning equipment, many facilities are still in the dark ages…

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In this article we explore the basic aspects of odour in carpets. Professional housekeepers should develop the skills to identify and eliminate odour sources as well as possessing a good working knowledge of the available products, their proper use and application. Deodorisers and other topical treatments provide valuable benefits to our customers and will enhance the use and performance of today’s carpets. digestion of the organic matter it thrives on.

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Airmovers solve drying problems
Brian Clark, Janitech Australasia
How many room nights are lost because of wet carpets after cleaning? How you dry floors after spills, rainwater blown in from window and patio doors left open, and bath overflows? The humble Airmover, or Blower, is an essential and valuable tool to the housekeeping department, yet there are so many hotels out with good carpet extraction equipment but no drying fans. For around $600, a drying fan is probably the best equipment investment that you will ever make.

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All the guts with no glory
Liz Lycette, housekeeper extraordinaire
Back of house is the part of the hotel that customers never see. All being well they never even have to think about it either. Luggage invisibly appears, rooms are kept spotless, restaurants serve dishes as if out of thin air, and all the staff you do happen to come into contact with are charming, smiling and efficient to a man. But behind the scenes frantic activity and heroic organisation within cramped quarters are the norm, and nowhere is this more true than for the housekeeping department.

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